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Re: Completion in pwd before subdirecories

On Dec 17,  4:57pm, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
} Bart wrote:
} > There's code in _files to attempt to merge together any trailing stuff
} > that looks like glob qualifiers, because _files predates the #q flag.
} > In fact, I'm suspicious that adding #q might actually break things.
} Where?

Hrm.  I thought I'd found it the other day but now I can't any more.  I
believe it _used_ to be there (or in _path_files) because Sven grumbled
at least once about how difficult it was to write.  But maybe something
changed so that it was possible for it to be taken out again.

In fact, that may have been what led to the introduction of (#q) in the
first place.

I'm sorry, I've been seriously ill these past three days and my concetration
is shot.

} So either we need to add #q when using glob qualifiers or _files should
} attempt to merge trailing glob qualifiers. I favour the latter.

Good luck, then.

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