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Re: jobs not listing all commands

On Feb 18, 10:24am, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} It's probably a case of missing headers.  It wouldn't link, or would fail
} to load with an error message, if you didn't have the functions; there's
} no obvious way it could hang.  In RedHat 9 and Solaris 8 the headers are
} in stdlib.h (and they're certainly to hand in the other two Linux systems
} I tried at home).

Aha.  They're in <stdlib.h> but they're inside #ifdef __USE_XOPEN ... which
is defined by <features.h> only when _XOPEN_SOURCE is defined ... which is
meant to be defined directly by the user, or is defined when _GNU_SOURCE is

} I'm not sure how to test for this.  Maybe it would be enough to try
} compiling and linking a programme with grantpt etc., since I think
} configure is sensitive to compiler warnings.

While a missing-header test is probably appropriate, in this case I think
the issue is whether zsh wants to define _XOPEN_SOURCE, and if not, then
it shouldn't use /dev/ptmx even when the device exists.

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