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Re: jobs not listing all commands

Bart Schaefer wrote:
> } I'm not sure how to test for this.  Maybe it would be enough to try
> } compiling and linking a programme with grantpt etc., since I think
> } configure is sensitive to compiler warnings.
> While a missing-header test is probably appropriate, in this case I think
> the issue is whether zsh wants to define _XOPEN_SOURCE, and if not, then
> it shouldn't use /dev/ptmx even when the device exists.

Some more results...

1. Defining _GNU_SOURCE seems to work OK, except there is a function
which clashes with the getline in zle_hist.c.  However, that function
doesn't seem to be used anyway.

2. That doesn't fix the problem.  It seems that the problem is the
streams modules --- I was too optimistic about them not causing problems
if they weren't needed.  We need to find out where they are needed.
I'm tempted just to limit that chunk of code to Solaris.  Does anyone
know of another system (with /dev/ptmx) which is keen on ttcompat and

One course of action:

- Define _GNU_SOURCE for Linux only --- we've got enough testers to make
it fairly painless to find out if this causes compilation problems.
(Defining _XOPEN_SOURCE directly is harder since you've got to work
out the version number.)
- Check for the function definitions, particularly ptsname(), to make
- Only let the streams stuff cause havoc on Solaris.

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