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Re: PATCH: tla completion

Clint Adams wrote:
> > The only things copyrighted by Tom are the option descriptions in
> > {commands,options}.zsh. I'm not sure they're really copyrightable, but I
> > gave him credit anyway. He didn't directly contribute anything
> > otherwise. Most of the functions in completions.zsh have work from Erik
> > Toubro Nielsen, and some of those in commands.zsh have work from him and
> > Rob Weir. Looking at my files, I see my attributions are a bit sloppy ;-)
> If you, Erik, and Rob want to assign copyright to Peter or the Zsh
> Development Group or whatever it is we do, we'll clean it up a bit and
> include it upstream.

I'd be fine with licensing it under Zsh's license (I guess that makes me
part of the Zsh Development Group). I'll ask them about it.

> > I have no plans to for the time being, simply because the 1.1 version
> > works pretty well with 1.2. The only changes needed should be to update
> > the commands which have changed or been added.
> Know of anything besides the rm command?

The commands
  tla delta lord@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx/tla--devo--1.1--patch-286 \
    lord@xxxxxxxxxxxxx/tla--devo--1.3--patch-1 changes
  tla show-changeset changes | grep 'libarch/cmd-.*\.c$'
give a list of the relevant changed files since my last update. However,
many of these are irrelevant changes, which you can determine by
examining the files in changes/patches. It also looks like there are no
new aliases (found in libarch/cmds.c). The changed files are:

  cmd-abrowse.c cmd-add-id.c cmd-add-log-version.c cmd-add-pristine.c
  cmd-ancestry-graph.c cmd-ancestry.c cmd-apply-changeset.c
  cmd-apply-delta.c cmd-archive-fixup.c cmd-archive-meta-info.c
  cmd-archive-mirror.c cmd-archive-setup.c cmd-archive-snapshot.c
  cmd-archive-version.c cmd-archives.c cmd-branches.c cmd-build-config.c
  cmd-cachedrevs.c cmd-cacherev.c cmd-cat-archive-log.c cmd-cat-config.c
  cmd-cat-log.c cmd-categories.c cmd-changelog.c cmd-changes.c
  cmd-changeset.c cmd-commit.c cmd-default-id.c cmd-delete-id.c
  cmd-delta.c cmd-file-diffs.c cmd-file-find.c cmd-find-pristine.c
  cmd-get-changeset.c cmd-get.c cmd-grab.c cmd-help.c
  cmd-id-tagging-defaults.c cmd-id-tagging-method.c cmd-id.c
  cmd-import.c cmd-init-tree.c cmd-inventory.c cmd-join-branch.c
  cmd-library-add.c cmd-library-archives.c cmd-library-branches.c
  cmd-library-categories.c cmd-library-config.c cmd-library-file.c
  cmd-library-find.c cmd-library-log.c cmd-library-remove.c
  cmd-library-revisions.c cmd-library-versions.c cmd-lock-pristine.c
  cmd-lock-revision.c cmd-log-for-merge.c cmd-log-versions.c cmd-logs.c
  cmd-make-archive.c cmd-make-branch.c cmd-make-category.c
  cmd-make-log.c cmd-make-version.c cmd-merges.c cmd-missing.c
  cmd-move-id.c cmd-mv.c cmd-my-default-archive.c cmd-my-id.c
  cmd-my-revision-library.c cmd-new-merges.c cmd-parse-package-name.c
  cmd-pristines.c cmd-rbrowse.c cmd-redo.c cmd-register-archive.c
  cmd-remove-log-version.c cmd-replay.c cmd-revisions.c cmd-rm.c
  cmd-set-tree-version.c cmd-show-changeset.c cmd-star-merge.c
  cmd-sync-tree.c cmd-tag.c cmd-tree-lint.c cmd-tree-root.c
  cmd-tree-version.c cmd-uncacherev.c cmd-undo.c cmd-update.c
  cmd-valid-package-name.c cmd-versions.c cmd-whereis-archive.c

Jason McCarty <bclg@xxxxxxx>

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