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Re: [PATCH] killall completion for FreeBSD

* Oliver Kiddle:

> Jean-Baptiste Quenot wrote:
> > I noticed  that killall completion  does not work on  FreeBSD.  This
> > patch addresses  the issue,  as the  completion was  originally only
> > intended for  GNU/Linux.  Indeed, FreeBSD uses  a slightly different
> > syntax for expressing ps output options.
> That doesn't seem to work on the sourceforge FreeBSD 4.8 machine.

You're  right, it  doesn't  work  on FreeBSD  4.x.   My patch  addresses
FreeBSD 5.x  only, sorry for that.   As you say, using  command would be
more appropriate.  It does include command arguments, but apparently the
zsh _killall script already cuts them, so this is not an issue.

Apparently, the « command » option is also supported on GNU/Linux's ps.

Note that  if the _killall script  is run by root,  the arguments « ax »
and « ho »  must stick  together for  optimal interoperability,  this is
compatible with all systems I tried.

Best regards,
Jean-Baptiste Quenot

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