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Re: [PATCH] killall completion for FreeBSD

Jean-Baptiste Quenot wrote:

> Apparently, the « command » option is also supported on GNU/Linux's ps.

Yes, I'm using Linux here so I checked that. That said, I think there
is more than one fork of procps. I've checked both Debian and SuSE (and
judging by the version numbers of 3.2.1-2 and 2003.9.20-6, they have
different ps commands).

> Note that  if the _killall script  is run by root,  the arguments « ax »
> and « ho »  must stick  together for  optimal interoperability,  this is
> compatible with all systems I tried.

You'll notice that I kept that change in my patch. I saw that you'd
done that in yours and it didn't do any harm on Linux so I kept that
part of your change.

I just had a look at _killall's history. Seems the change to cut out
command names was in 13312 and that not using `ps ho comm' was
intentional. With regard to 13314, I think it should just be removing a
leading hyphen.


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