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Re: [4.3 CVS] funny output with multibyte

>   3. When the function returns, the screen turns into :
> pc31 ~ $ sleep 10
> azerty%
> pc31 ~ $ azerty
> Please note that the percent sign (%) is followed by spaces up to the
> end of the line, and that there is no newline after that.
> While it's not a major problem, I found that amazing. Bug or feature?

I think you are experiencing the effects of the new PROMPT_SPACES
option, which is the new solution to the NO_PROMPT_CR debate that has
been around for quite a time.
IIRC, by default zsh now print spaces that fill the terminal width and
then prints a CR. If nothing had been printed before, the last space
is on the last column but the cursor is still on the same line so the
CR makes it return at the beginning of the line so that you won't see
an empty line. If something had been printed on the line before, then
the cursor is going to be on the next line, so that your prompt won't
be printed over previous data that was not followed by a NL.

This ought to end the debate about PROMPT_CR :)

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