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Re: [SOLVED] Libtool/zsh quoting problem: a zsh... bug?

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On Saturday 11 February 2006 12:36, DervishD wrote:
>     The problem is that zsh does word splitting in this construct:
>     ${1+"$@"}

See this thread: <http://www.zsh.org/mla/workers/2002/msg00542.html>; there 
was an attempt to fix it in 16949 but apparently it was incomplete and never 
went in.

>     I don't know if this can be considered a zsh bug or not. The SUS
> standard says that field splitting is done after parameter expansion,
> so I think it should be done on the above expansion. Unfortunately,
> Bash doesn't seem to do it.

bash is right and zsh is not.

>     Anyway, the above construct doesn't look useful to me. I mean, if
> $1 is set, we substitute all available arguments. If it is unset, we
> don't substitune anything. So, this is equivalent to just
> substituting "$@", and zsh doesn't perform word splitting on that...
>     I'm thinking about submitting a patch to the libtool people, with
> something like this:
>     alias -g '${1+"$@"}'='"$@"'

The funny part of it is that autoconf includes exactly the above workaround 
since quoted thread; this is also documented in autoconf info.

>     I know, that's a dirty hack, but I cannot think about any other
> fix (except "fixing" zsh itself, although I'm not sure this is a
> bug).
>     Any suggestion???

Fix a bug in zsh :)

- -andrey
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