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Word splitting with zsh fix

    Hi all :)

    I've spotted a problem with libtool that has to do with the word
splitting that Zsh does in the expression '${1+"$@"}' (which, in
turn, is a workaround to fix the "$@" expansion problem when the
variable is empty in old shells). GNU autoconf has already corrected
this problem, and I'm using a similar fix for libtool. The patch is
gzipped and attached to this message.

    Looking at the SUS (POSIX) standard, I'm not sure if field
splitting should be performed in the above expression or not, so I
don't know if the correct behaviour is what Bash does or what Zsh
does. Anyway, I'm not here looking for a culprit but for a solution.
I will be glad to discuss the issue, anyway, just for curiosity's
sake ;)

    I've tested the patch against "littlecms" sources, because that's
the package where the problem was spotted by David Gómez Espinosa
<david@xxxxxxxxxxxx>. The patch was suggested by Andrey Borzenkov

    Thanks in advance and happy hacking :)

    Raúl Núñez de Arenas Coronado

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