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Re: Changes for dev-4

Wayne Davison wrote:
> Actually, I didn't change = because I was thinking that it would just
> turn into a scalar anyway.  However, since the assignment might be to an
> array, it could also benefit from the new array-split-preservation code.
> Attached is a patch that fixes this.  Let me know if you agree that this
> is something that should make it into 4.3.1.  (I'll check-in the first
> tweak to the README file, since it fixes a typo.)

I certainly missed the fact that it doesn't fix a compatibility problem
since you can't assign to an array in the other shells that way.
Ideally we probably want it to be whatever would happen in bash or ksh,
seeing as sh doesn't have arrays, though by the looks of things it's the

In ksh I get:
$ set -A foo
$ set "one word" "two words"
$ : ${foo:="$@"}
$ echo ${foo[0]}
one word two words

and in zsh I get:
% setopt shwordsplit
% set -A foo
% set "one word" "two words"
% : ${foo:="$@"}
% print ${(t)foo}

So it looks like from the compatibility point of view we're OK either

I would guess that with zsh's ability to assign arrays it would be
better to keep this consistent with the other forms, as in your patch,

(We should probably hold off on the other one, that moves the flag into
the link node, until 4.3.1, though it is useful simplification to have

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