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Re: newuser in 4.3.0-dev-4 (Was: PATCH: newuser system)

Geoff Wing wrote:
> Peter Stephenson <p.w.stephenson@xxxxxxxxxxxx> typed:
> :> Currently, for "b)", I get the effect of "which zsh-newuser-install" to th
> e
> :> screen twice.
> : I wasn't able to reproduce that.
> Ah, OK, I've broken it down to a badly written/parsed expression in my
> /etc/zshrc which effectively does
> 	autoload -U
> 	autoload -U compinit
> 	compinit
> with no function name in the first command.  Don't know what should happen
> there.  Shouldn't it barf on it?

No, "autoload -U" is valid; autoload is historically derived from
functions -u which is derived from typeset -f... it's a little more
complicated nowadays since the options are different, but it's still the
case that running any of those commands with no non-option arguments
displays a list of whatever entity it is that has the specified flags
set, in this case autoloaded functions.

I'm a bit surprised to see it shows functions that have already been
autoloaded, however... it seems the presence of the -U flag makes it
(also) show functions that were previously autoloaded with that flag
set.  Conceivably this is useful.

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