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Re: [4.2/4.3] Bug with wait and trapped signals

On Feb 18,  5:31pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} I would prefer if there was someone more proficient in the dark art of
} signals to look at this.

I don't know whether I qualify or not, but it looks mostly OK to me.  I
may even be able to answer this old question:

} +	sigdelset(set, SIGHUP);  /* still don't know why we add this? */
} +#endif

The reason for this is so that the shell exits properly if the
terminal is disconnected (window closed, whatever) during the wait.

} I also inserted an "else" which seemed to want to be present where it's
} marked "HERE" (another CSR habit).

I think the intention there is to reap any other jobs that exited
while we were waiting for the specified job, because we won't get
the normal SIGCHLD signals for those.  However, I'm note entirely
sure that was necessary or that it accomplished what it meant to.

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