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Re: PATCH: list-files style for "ls -l" completion listings

Peter Stephenson <pws@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Here are the bare bones of a way of getting more information about
> file listings.  Setting the list-files style allows you to have
> files listed as for "ls -L" instead of "ls" or "ls -F".  The
> style can take a number so list=10 means show in long format only if
> listing but not inserting and only if there are no more than 10 matches.
> This is still very basic:
> - I have chickened out of adding the framework to _path_files in all but
>   the simplest cases where the files are add as a simple array.  If
>   anyone thought they understodd _path_files they could do better.
>   This definitely needs fixing (any occurrence of "compadd -Qf"
>   should handle file-list in the same way).

I've fixed this, I think, though the other items are still open.
I've committed the result with a few minor tweaks.  Note that
you can use a numeric argument to control this by using zstyle -e.

Remember, too, that you need to recompile the main shell to get this
to work (though unless you set the file-list style it shouldn't try
to use the new compadd option).

Feedback is useful.

(I've finally changed the version in the archvie to 4.3.2-dev-1 as I said
was going to do last week.)
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