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Re: zsh 4.3.2 bug

On Wed, Mar 15, 2006 at 12:37:49AM +0100, goetz fischer wrote:
> okay so i'll give 4.3.1 a try.

I doubt that will make a difference.  What you need to figure out is why
the building of the signames.c file failed.  The make rules are this
(taken from Makemod.in):

 signames.c: signames1.awk signames2.awk ../config.h @SIGNAL_H@
        $(AWK) -f $(sdir)/signames1.awk @SIGNAL_H@ >sigtmp.c
        $(CPP) sigtmp.c >sigtmp.out
        $(AWK) -f $(sdir)/signames2.awk sigtmp.out > $@
        rm -f sigtmp.c sigtmp.out

 sigcount.h: signames.c
        grep 'define.*SIGCOUNT' signames.c > $@

My generated Makemod file has "/usr/include/bits/signum.h" in place of
the @SIGNAL_H@ value.  Those awk and cpp commands should generate a file
named signames.c that should have a define for SIGCOUNT in it, e.g.:

#define SIGCOUNT        31

It should also define an array named sigs[], e.g.:

char *sigs[SIGCOUNT+4] = {

Perhaps your awk didn't work right?  Or perhaps the SIGNAL_H file wasn't
chosen correctly?

Once the signames.c file gets built right, then the sigcount.h file
should end up with two lines in it.  Mine is this:

#define SIGCOUNT        31
#define sigmsg(sig) ((sig) <= SIGCOUNT ? sig_msg[sig] : "unknown signal")

At that point, the build errors you cited should go away.


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