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Re: Starting replace-string minibuffer in Vi command-mode

Bart Schaefer wrote:
> } I tried this and it's very annoying... It seems to me
> } read-from-minibuffer looks to the user like a new command line and
> } therefore should always start in the "main" keymap, right?
> I'd think so, yes.  I'm not sure that's exactly the right thing in this
> specific case, but it's closer.

As I said, there's room for an extension to select your own main and
alternate keymaps similar to vared, but this is the first step.

> } There's no way to do this at the moment
> Really?  What's wrong with the following?
>     vi-read-from-minibuffer() {
>       zle -K viins
>       zle read-from-minibuffer
>     }
>     zle -N vi-read-from-minibuffer

I meant "without rewriting the function", but yes, if you want to alter
replace-string that would be fine.

> } However, this patch is more consistent with the existing "zle -K"
> Why add a -K option after the widget name rather than allow the widget
> name to follow the existing -K option and its argument? That is, why do
>     zle read-from-minibuffer -K viins
> rather than
>     zle -K viins read-from-minibuffer
> ??  Just curious.  It looks like it would be just as easy to call on
> through to bin_zle_call() from bin_zle_keymap() as to embed a call to
> selectkeymap() in the former.

Only because of existing practice... options restricted to the widget
(like -n and -N) have tended to come after it.  The latter is another
possibility.  I think I marginally prefer the former anyway, unless you
have a strong preference, since the latter looks to me like an
additional argument to the keymap-setting function, rather than a widget
called in a particular context.

Also it's not *so* much easier to do it via bin_zle_keymap(), since you
need to restore the keymap afterwards, and you probably want the return
status of the widget rather than what zle -K would normally
return... but this is all fairly minor.

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