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Re: Bug#346162: zsh: jobs -p is not POSIX-compliant

On Apr 2, 12:50pm, Clint Adams wrote:
} Another option, on for sh emulation?

I keep wanting to make POSIX_BUILTINS responsible for this sort of thing,
but it has a more specific meaning than that.  Possibly this should just
be another one of those things that checks the internal "emulation" mode,
rather than having an option to turn it on/off at will.

This is tangentially related to users/8989 and workers/21366 from last
year.  I never committed 21366.

} On Fri, Jan 06, 2006 at 04:16:51AM +0100, Vincent Lefevre wrote:
} > Package: zsh
} > Version: 4.3.0-dev-2-1
} > Severity: normal
} > 
} > POSIX says that with "jobs -p", only the PID is output, whereas zsh
} > outputs full information.

It's actually worse than that.  "jobs -p" in zsh predates the POSIX spec,
as far as I know ... and zsh's "jobs -p" outputs process *group* numbers,
that is, the PID of the group leader only, not individual process IDs.

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