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Should ZSH join the Summer of Code?

It looks like Google has opened another Summer of Code.  Basically,
Google will give a student a US$4500 to work on a project associated
with open source, and US$500 to the organization.

Last year the Fedora folks sponsored someone to work on adding global
history to bash.

I was wondering if there was any interest in having the Zsh project join?

I know Zsh has had a strong history of student participation.  It was originally
written by Paul Falstad while a student at Princeton.  I believe
Sven worked on the bulk of the new completion system while being a student.
I'm sure there are other serious student contributors who have helped, whose
contribution was significant, though I can't name them.

The URL is http://code.google.com/soc/http://code.google.com/soc/
The FAQ for a mentoring organization is here:

From the FAQ, "How does it work?"

   1. Organizations who would like to participate in Summer of Code
2006 should choose an organization administrator(s) to represent them
   2. Organization administrators submit their organization's interest
by emailing soc2006support@xxxxxxxxxx
   3. Google notifies of acceptance and creates the organization's
account on the Summer of Code site
   4. Organizations sign up mentors and publish their pool of project ideas
   5. Students submit to Google proposals to work with particular
mentoring organizations; Google routes to the mentor organization, and
the proposals are ranked by mentors working with those organizations.
   6. Accepted students start work based on their proposals; mentors
give guidance throughout the duration of the program
   7. Mentors provide mid-term evaluations of student progress
   8. Mentors provide a final review of student work, and each student
provides a single overall review of her/his mentor
   9. Student uploads completed program to Google site

We need to get project ideas and folks willing to be mentors.


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