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Re: Building Zsh on classical forms of Unix

On May 15,  8:28pm, A. Wik wrote:
} The following is the output of Zsh ./configure running under
} under a 4.3BSD (Tahoe-derived) VAX environment

Zsh became pretty much impossible to compile with pre-ANSI C
compilers along about the time the dev version number changed to
3.1.  You might have better luck building zsh-3.0.8, which I
believe is still available from the sourceforge downloads page.

} last, but not least, the duplication, renaming and addition of
} a 2nd argument to an existing atof() implementation, resulting
} in its successful imitation of a closely related function
} popularly known as strtod() and which AWK considered essential.

Are you entirely sure this was a successful imitation?  Looking
ahead at your configure output:

} checking where signal.h is located... ./configure: 27790 Memory fault - core dumped
} /usr/include/sys/signal.h
} checking where error names are located... ./configure: 27841 Memory fault - core dumped
} 0: No source file nametmp.c
} configure: error: ERROR MACROS NOT FOUND:  please report to developers

That sure looks to me as if awk has dumped core.  It could be that
egrep did instead, but it seems less likely.  Check config.log?

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