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Re: PATCH: multibyte characters in patterns.

Wayne Davison wrote:
> FYI, I just checked in a few changes to pattern.c to fix some compiler
> warnings about signed/unsigned mismatches.


> One of these was assigning a literal -1 to the
> variable, so I added a PEOF define to use either WEOF or EOF for this
> value (like the Zle code uses -- perhaps we should make a global define
> for this in zsh.h?).

Yes, I was in the process of moving a whole load of stuff from zle.h to
zsh.h and turning ZLE_CHAR_T into ZCHAR_T, and so on.  It was in aid of
turning the completion code (the libraries, not the interaction with the
lexical analyser in the main shell) into wide characters instead of multibyte
characters, although this bit stood alone.  I stopped because I wondered
whether it was a good idea to have wide characters in completion after
all:  one of the good features at the moment is being able to use
completion even if the locale is a bit off base, and we would probably
lose that.  The part that needs redoing anyway is the matching control,
which is based around 256 octet character sets.

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