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Re: Segfaulting script

On Jun 17,  8:14pm, Frank Terbeck wrote:
} > You can't assign values to an array in a "local" statement.
} Yes, I know that the assignment does not make sense.

Certainly.  I was just pointing out for the peanut gallery exactly what
went wrong.
} > My guess would be that you get a segfault when the compile-time
} > setting of the maximum function depth is large enough that you run
} > out of memory before the limit is hit. There's not a whole lot we
} > can do about that.
} Hm, definitely no nice, but I trust your judgement.

It might be possible to estimate a run-time value for the recursion
depth based on ulimit sizes, but some OSs are willing to overpromise on
memory allocations in the hope that all that was asked for will never
really be used.  In such a case there's no way to avoid the segfault if
more is used than truly is available.

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