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Re: Questions about character types

On Jul 5,  1:14pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} according to POSIX, only characters from the "portable character set",
} which in our case means the ASCII subset, are allowed.  The only way
} round this I can see is to add an option POSIX_IDENTIFIERS

Seems OK to me.

} The test for module names currently approximates that for identifiers,
} only allowing / as well, so I think using the same logic as above would
} be the obvious thing to do.


} Another question is what to do with user names.  Currently these are
} just the ASCII identifier characters plus "-".  Is it useful to extend
} these to include alphanumeric characters from the local character set?

My impression is that it would be, but some non-English-speakers should
weigh in.

} Finally, I failed to interpret this code from math.c:
} 	    if (*ptr == '+' && (unary || !ialnum(*ptr))) {
} 		ptr++;

I suspect that's a bug.  It probably originally said

	    if (*ptr++ == '+' && (unary || !ialnum(*ptr))) {

but someone realized it was wrong to increment the pointer if it was NOT
equal to plus, and made an incomplete fix.

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