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PATCH: metaflac completion

I've written a first version of a z shell completion function for the FLAC metadata editing program, metaflac; right now it doesn't complete any of the option arguments that arn't files, but it handles the various options, and handles looking only for FLAC files (with the -g option of _files). This will be more or less my first zsh completion function, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I plan to implement completion for the tag options, so that, i.e. `metaflac foo.flac --show-tag=` would automatically get a list of the tags in the file in the background and complete their names at that point; also, I'd hope the --set-tag= option would have a preset range of tags to set.

My eventual goal is to make metaflac (with zsh completion) into a more-or-less comfortable FLAC metadata editor.

The file is attached. If the mailing system mucks it up, it's also available at

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