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PATCH: turn on MULTIBYTE option by default

I turned on the multibyte option by default and the world failed to
end.  Two localised problems were revealed by the tests.  One, in fact,
I'm no longer testing for:  this was for invalid characters (actually
ISO-8859-1 but any single byte character set would have done) with
multibyte mode turned on.  It ought to be done properly within
D07multibyte.ztst, but I haven't at the moment got the energy for
generating deliberately invalid UTF-8 sequences.  The intention is such
sequences should be compared as raw bytes (I found yet another STOUC()
was necessary).

There's also a test for things like [[:upper:]] with Unicode
characters.  I found one failed on the Fedora Core 3 system here.  As
it's accented Greek it could put a strain on many ever so slightly flakey

I've sent this as uunencoded because one file includes the old
ISO-8859-1 sequence and another UTF-8, which mailers probably don't

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