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Bug#335481: zsh: zsh/sched waits for next return to prompt even with NOTIFY set

So there is no plan to "fix" the sched module to work without requiring a return at the prompt? If you're going to require a return from the prompt to set off the command, you should document that at least, so you users don't expect it to run like a real scheduler. Call me a TCSH JUNKIE, but I thought sched would run without an acknowledge from the user after the assigned time. Please provide someway to make this functional to occur at the assigned time without user input because (I echo Ramkumar's sentiments) this makes it a completely useless module since I primarily use it to run programs in the middle of the night when the licenses are most likely to be available to send off builds to the program I need to run and I'd like to not have to wake-up and hit the return key every few hours to make it work.

Jared K. Sorensen
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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author