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Re: zstyle is badly broken as of 20060817

On Aug 20,  5:54pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} Subject: Re: zstyle is badly broken as of 20060817
} > So the list-prompt style is still there even after supposedly being
} > deleted, but zstyle -L does not list it (and completion behaves as
} > if it is still set, which is how I even noticed).
} Your subject line implies this is something new, but it isn't.

I didn't know whether it was new or not, but I've concluded lately
that I ought to mention when I encountered a bug so that people
using later builds aren't confused.  This is one of the drawbacks
of using the mailing list to report bugs rather than having a 
tracking system where they can be marked resolved.  (No, I'm not
suggesting we change.)

} > schaefer<545> zstyle -s ":completion:${curcontext}:default" list-prompt tmp
} > schaefer<546> echo $?
} > 0
} I didn't seem to get this effect.

The way I noticed the trouble in the first place was that once I set a
list-prompt style I always got the scrolling display, even after I'd
supposedly deleted the style.

} It would have to be a different bug,

You're right, it is.  Now the style goes away, but complist continues
to have the scrolling behavior.

Also now there's no way to get the style back again:

schaefer<501> zstyle ":completion:*:default" list-prompt ''
schaefer<502> zstyle | grep list-prompt
schaefer<503> zstyle -d  ":completion:*:default" list-prompt
schaefer<504> zstyle | grep list-prompt
schaefer<505> zstyle ":completion:*:default" list-prompt "Go On"
schaefer<506> zstyle | grep list-prompt
schaefer<507> echo $?

And yet I if I invoke completion after 502, then I still get the list
displayed scrolling after 508.

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