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Re: typeset -T versus typeset -r, bug or feature?

Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Do this in an interactive shell so that the third line doesn't cause the
> shell to exit:
> typeset -T READ write
> typeset -r READ
> READ=wrong
zsh: read-only variable: READ
> write=right
> print $READ

This is a feature.  The parameters are different interfaces to the same
information.  "typeset -r write" will work as expected.  This is inevitable
given the current model for internal parameter storage.  I'm not
particularly attached to the current system anyway; parameters are probably
the clunkiest remaining parts of the system, full of ad-hoc tests,
over-complicated but under-powerful interfaces, and accesses into the
system at all sorts of different levels that ought to be implementation

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