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French translation of the bash.1 manual


I would like to translate in French the bash.1 manual.
I am contacting you as you are the author
of this document.

Before starting this translation, I would like to ask you a few

- Could you tell me if you are aware of any existing French translation,
 or any French translation being currently done?

- Are you currently working on an update to this document? If it
 is the case, could you send me a preliminary version I can
 start working on?

- And, naturally, do you agree to have us translating this

For your information, once you have agreed to this translation,
I'll start working on it. After translation, the document will
be proofread and then published by the Traduc.org French
translation project.

I will notify you as soon as the translation is completed, and
if appropriate, send you a report of the updates applied to the
French version that could be integrated into your document.

The French version of this document will be available at the
following location:

Thanks a lot in advance.

Best Regards.


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