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Re: Remove (probably?) unhelpful check in narrow-to-region

"Mikael Magnusson" <mikachu@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> With this change, you can press set-mark, narrow-to-region with the
> cursor in the same place, without it you always have to include one
> character in the narrowed region.

I've changed it; I don't think I ever tried this out, but there's
no reason why it shouldn't work.

> PS I tried to include some ansi color codes in the -p and -P arguments
> but they just get printed literally, would it be possible to print
> them evaluated instead? I stared at the code for 5 minutes but
> couldn't figure out where the extra quoting is added.

At this point in the code we're dealing entirely with items supposedly
directly added by the user, which are therefore made visible in
zle_refresh.c.  General handling for highlighting would be very useful but
isn't that easy.  It's particularly hard if you want to track the start and
end of special effects through future modifications to the line.

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