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Re: Is it worth renaming Mandrake -> Mandriva?

# schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx / 2006-10-07 05:24:30 -0700:
> On Oct 7, 12:13pm, Andrey Borzenkov wrote:
> }
> } Apropos CVS: SF offers subversion now, does not it? What people think 
> } about migrating to it?                                                
> My experiences with SVN have so far been nothing but frustrating.  This
> may just be due to stupidity on the part of the people operating the
> repository I've been trying to use, but operations I do routinely in
> CVS (such as having multiple sandboxes with a different branch in each,
> or checking out a single subdirectory on a different branch than the
> rest of the modules, or even just checking out a single subdirectory
> or a single *file* without *getting* the rest of the modules) seem to
> be extremely hard to accomplish in SVN.

    I use both CVS and Subversion, and have no problems doing the things
    you mention (except the single file checkout[1]), assuming that you
    mean "working copy" where you say "sandbox", and that by "checking
    out a single subdirectory on a different branch" you mean "updating
    a single subdirectory to a different branch".

    [1] Subversion doesn't allow this. I have never needed this feature,
    although I can see it can make all the difference if you store
    extremely large files in the repository, or the directory structure
    is under-developed. Luckily, Subversion allows you to copy and move
    versioned items freely and without the lossage that's inevitable
    when you move files in a CVS repository.

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