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Cygwin ZSH crashes on reverse-menu-complete

Sorry if I should have directed this towards the cygwin lists instead;
I'm not really sure which list it's more appropriate for.  I have
found a very easily repeatable bug with zsh on both the cygwin native
console and rxvt/xterm that causes zsh 4.3.2 to segfault when asked to
reverse-menu-complete while in a menu-completion.

Steps to repeat:

Make sure that it's not a problem with my dotfiles
1. zsh -f

Make sure that we can use <ESC>x
2. bindkey -e

Load new-style completion
3. autoload compinit; compinit

Tell completion to use menu completion
4. zstyle ':completion:*' menu select=2

Enter a menu completion
5. ls <TAB><TAB><ESC>x

and then, at the 'execute: ' prompt, try to reverse by typing
6. reverse-menu-complete

And, suddenly, segfault.

This is the simplest test case I've found so far.  Can anyone offer
any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

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