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Re: More crashes in menu complete

"Mikael Magnusson" wrote:
> Here are two backtraces, i just did kill <tab> and pressed and
> released shift a couple of times, doing complete-word and
> reverse-menu-complete and got these two backtraces, the first sort of
> sucks because i didn't have debug symbols when it crashed, but i
> recompiled with and got at least the source line.
> Program terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault.
> #0  0xa7aa6fc5 in singledraw () at complist.c:1787
> 1787	    g = mgtab[ml1 * columns + mc1];

I think this depends on the detailed output of the matches.  It will
crash here if it's miscounted the number of matches that it can
fit on the screen.

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