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Is anyone able to take on zsh 4.2?

Porting patches to the 4.2 branch of zsh has been rather lax since I've
been spending most of my spare time fighting with the fallout from
multibyte character support on 4.3.  (I'm currently making heavy weather
of improving the completion quoting code.)  However, there are all sorts
of things that could probably be ported, as my last patch reminded me.

Does anyone have time to do this?  It wouldn't need detailed familiarity
with the source, just looking at patches that are recorded in the main
ChangeLog to see if they are bug fixes that would apply to the 4.2
branch.  Producing a list which we could examine would be a start, but
the time consuming part is copying them over.  This should be mechanical
(if it isn't we probably don't want to transfer the fix anyway).

You'd need a SourceForge account (this is easy) and developer access to
the zsh archive (I can do this), plus some familiarity with CVS and
zsh capabilities (anyone on this list probably fits both those

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