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Questions about multibyte input with zsh


I mainly use Mac OS X, and on that OS I can usually do a key combo like option/alt-i, then o, there are others but that is an easy one.

With that system I can easily input most key combos.

With that in mind here is the current state of my shells:

zsh 4.2.x: I can input the characters directly using the methods above, but the multibyte support (at least in the default shell on OS X) aren't as good so stuff like going back through history or deleting a character on the current command line doesn't work as well

zsh 4.3.x: multibyte support is much improved in general, but I can't seem to get the OS X native input method to work, I can only use insert-composed-character, this at least works but seems to take me longer since I am not used to it

bash 3.1: input using the OS X method works and so does editing the history and the current command line

I like zsh more than bash and while having better multibyte support in 4.3 is nice, but it would be even better if I could still use the OS X input method for composed characters. Is this possible? If not might it be possible in a future 4.3.x version, or in 4.4?


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