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Re: Advantages of using _argument states

"Nikolai Weibull" <now@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> As far as I can tell, the only difference (and an obvious one at that)
> is that states result in a big case-statement but you avoid extra
> functions, whereas writing a function adds an extra function, but
> saves us from the big case-statement.
> I've gone over the documentation a bunch of times and I've been
> looking through completion definitions without seeing any point to
> using states over functions.
> Am I correct in my assessment that they're basically two ways of doing
> the same thing and the difference between them is the one I wrote
> about above?

There's no hidden piece of magic in states beyond what's documented, no.
Potentially they allow more complicated logic inline:

  _arguments 'blah:blah:->blahstate' && return 0

  blah blah blah any old stuff

  case $state in
    blah blah && return 0  # could run _blah here, of course

  blah blah some other stuff

If you'd used a function then you'd have had to bury the extra logic
in the function or at the end of the _arguments line (_alternative or
whatever).  If your particular case doesn't have any of these complications
then a function is probably neater.

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