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Re: Tab expansion of {*

Bart Schaefer wrote:
> On Dec 1,  4:14pm, Dave Yost wrote:
> }
> } Z% ls /usr/{*
> } 
> } Zsh should expand this to
> } 
> } Z% ls /usr/{X11R6,bin,include,lib,libexec,local,man,sbin,share,standalone}
> In fact the open brace appears to have been removed by the C code even
> before _main_complete is called.
> Peter, any thoughts?

Only that, as you say, there's already a lot of handling for this in the
icky C code which I'm not going anywhere near.

I think it was written to be simple to use from something less
configurable than the present system (i.e. compctl).  Nowadays it would
make more sense to handle it all as a completer which decide whether it
would do expansion or completion and in the latter case might
temporarily hide the other branches of the expansion.

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