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Re: Quoting problem and crashes with ${(#)var}

Bart Schaefer wrote:
> I'm not certain the following is the right way to fix it; is something
> more wide-char-aware than strcpy/strlen needed?  
> -	    return nicechar((int)c);
> +	    strcpy(buf, nicechar((int)c));
> +	    if (widthp)
> +		*widthp = strlen(buf);

If printeightbit is set, then nicechar() may pass 8-bit characters,
which may be metafied, straight through, so ztrlen() is probably better.
printeightbit doesn't guaranteed to get character lengths right, but
counting metafied characters as 1 is more consistent.

I don't think we need to take account of wide characters here; we don't
have the information for that in this branch of the code.

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