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Re: zsh on short terminals

"David Durrleman" <dualmoo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> If I run a terminal with less than 3 lines (geometry 80x1 for
> example), then the first 17 chars of the prompt are not displayed
> A friend of mine reproduced this on a completely different computer
> with a different linux distribution, so I think that this is a bug in
> zsh.

Yes, it's a bug.

This is a bit horrible.  Zsh goes into a special mode when the terminal
height is less than 3, equivalent to single line mode---that's because it
can't fit the two extra lines the line editor normally expects to be there
as a minimum under the prompt.  However, it looks like single line mode has
been allowed to lag behind the normal input mode and hasn't been fixed
for ages.  I don't have time to rewrite it completely, so I'm not sure what
to do.


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