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Re: Multibyte Input On OS X Again...

On Apr 05, 2007, at 19:03, Vincent Lefevre wrote:

On 2007-04-05 08:14:25 -0500, Jordan Breeding wrote:
I have emailed the list before about the problems I have with multibyte
input using zsh on OS X.  I still can't get it to work, I think that it has
to do with composited versus non-composited characters possibly, when I have
to composite a character (hit one key then another) to get a specific
character but that character is a single character on the command line
things go badly.  In bash with readline everything works fine.  I made a
movie of the problem in zsh and then showing bash doing just fine.  

But note that there are other cases where zsh does fine while bash
doesn't behave correctly, e.g.


zsh (after an "unsetopt PROMPT_CR") does fine. This case concerns the
output of a combining character, but I think that the input and output
are related. So, please, don't add a bug here when fixing the problem. :)

Another problem specific to bash:

vinc17@prunille:~/blah$ mkdir é
vinc17@prunille:~/blah$ echo [TAB]


vinc17@prunille:~/blah$ echo é/

If you type the right arrow several times, the cursor moves backward
and forward alternatively.

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Hmm, at least with Bash 3.2 on OS X I don't seem to have the problems that you have with bash.  Anyway, I just hope that eventually multibyte input/output in zsh will improve, because other than multibyte support that works the way I would like it to zsh has just about everything I could possibly ask for.


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