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Re: bindkey <whatever> history-beginning-search-backwards; echo $widgts = crash

On May 22,  5:32am, Maddi Kopfermann wrote:
} > This is a bug when there is no widget with the supplied name;
} Sadly not only in that case!

Why do you think so?  In every example you gave, you first bound a key
to a widget that does not exist, and then tried to echo $widgets.

} zsh -fc "bindkey '^o' history-beginning-<TAB> && echo $widgets"
} crashes the shell
} the attempt to let completion work crashes the shell.

I don't understand what that example is supposed to be showing.  What
do you mean by "let completion work"?  Completion only happens in the
line editor in an interactive shell, you can't pass a literal tab to
zsh -fc and expect anything to happen.  And even if you mean that you
did type a tab in ZLE, the completion you show would be ambiguous --
ordinarily it would take more than one tab at that position to complete
a valid widget name.

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