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Re: bindkey <whatever> history-beginning-search-backwards; echo $widgts = crash

On Mon, May 21, 2007 at 10:37:29PM -0700, Bart Schaefer:
> } Sadly not only in that case!
> Why do you think so?  In every example you gave, you first bound a key
> to a widget that does not exist, and then tried to echo $widgets.
> } zsh -fc "bindkey '^o' history-beginning-<TAB> && echo $widgets"
> } crashes the shell
> } 
> } the attempt to let completion work crashes the shell.
> I don't understand what that example is supposed to be showing.  What
> do you mean by "let completion work"?  Completion only happens in the
> line editor in an interactive shell, you can't pass a literal tab to
> zsh -fc and expect anything to happen.  And even if you mean that you
> did type a tab in ZLE, the completion you show would be ambiguous --
> ordinarily it would take more than one tab at that position to complete
> a valid widget name.

I see my mistake. Whatever I did was with an already
"infected" zsh so that _every_ "echo $widgets" does crash it,
no matter what i write before it.
In a zsh without any configuration  (zsh -f) those described cases
_don't_ crash the shell.


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