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Re: Change in FIGNORE behavior

On May 30, 11:29am, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} I've found what's causing it by using the default set of completers: it's
} the effect of the change in (R) on this code in _ignored:
}   zstyle -a ":completion:${curcontext}:" completer comp ||
}     comp=( "${(@)_completers[1,_completer_num-1][(R)_ignored(|:*),-1]}" )

I knew something was nagging me about that change to (R).  Here's
another thing that I just remembered:

var[(R)pattern] is an assignable construct.  Previously


would replace the first element.  Now it appends an element to the end.
You might think this is inconsequential until you remember that

var[(R)missing]=( a whole lot of something )

will now append the entire new array, whereas before it spliced the
new elements into the front of the old array.

That's going to bite somebody ... in fact I appear to have a script
that relies on the old behavior, although it's one I haven't used in
a long time.

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