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Re: PATCH: test output to terminal dehackery

Bart Schaefer wrote:
> The test suite should restrict itself only to the constructs that are
> least likely to be affected by operating system and compiler portability
> issues, so that it isn't necessary for a person building and testing on
> a brand-new or otherwise unusual platform to fix an obscure or difficult
> problem based on an unknown failure in a very complex piece of shell code
> when there's a minimal example buried somewhere in the suite that might
> immediately reveal the actual problem.
> The test suite isn't just about you or me finding something we broke in
> development.

That's fair enough, but I don't think a change in the redirection
syntax qualifies as something likely to produce a portability problem.
The underlying features used are the same; the addition is an internal
shell parameter assignment (which had also better work).  Unless you
think using file descriptors over 10 is likely to be problematic?  But
the shell has used those internally for a long time.

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