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Re: Buglet in zsh perforce completion function

I got this bug report...

Ken Williams wrote:
> I recently switched to zsh so that I could use your fantastic _perforce
> completion function. =)  I found a small bug in it that I'm not sure how to
> rectify, but hopefully you will.
> When I'm completing a 'p4 diff -se' command, hitting <tab> can erase part of
> the argument I'm typing, which is a drag if it's a long one.
> For example, here's a sequence I type:
>    p4 diff -se data/w
> Type <tab>, completed to:
>    p4 diff -se data/workflow/
> Type <tab> again, erased to:
>    p4 diff -se data
> Thereafter, if I bounce on the <tab> key it toggles between adding &
> subtracting a slash after the "data" word.

Although I don't get quite the same behaviour (probably due to options),
I can see the / being removed and put back and no completion in the
directory being added.  This boils down to a bug with the following code:

  _tst1() {
      local dir=${PREFIX%%[^/]#}
      # The details of this don't matter much, only
      # the fact that it adds a completion with ... after the
      # directory.
      compadd -J subdirs -p $dir -W $dir ...
  _tst() { _alternative "files:file:_path_files" "dots:dots:_tst1"; }
  compdef _tst tst

Now completing after "tst" exhibits the same symptoms.  I hadn't noticed
because it's suppressed by some option I'm using, I think to do with
tag grouping (but simply putting the subdirs in another group doesn't
work, since that's what I've done in _tst1).

Before I simply try to work round this, does anyone have the first
clue what might be going on in the completion system to cause this?

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