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Re: Buglet in zsh perforce completion function

On Jun 5,  7:12pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
}   _tst() { _alternative "files:file:_path_files" "dots:dots:_tst1"; }
}   compdef _tst tst
} Before I simply try to work round this, does anyone have the first
} clue what might be going on in the completion system to cause this?

Not precisely, but note this (especially the last sentence):

          This string is a pathname that will be prepended to each of
          the matches formed by the given WORDS together with any
          prefix specified by the -p option to form a complete filename
          for testing.  Hence it is only useful if combined with the -f
          flag, as the tests will not otherwise be performed.

There isn't any -f option in your compadd, so the -W option is just
confusing.  Also you've said that -p and -W are the same string, which
by my reading means that if there *were* a -f option it would test for
the file "$dir/$dir/..." which can't possibly be what you mean.

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