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Re: PATCH: ldd and LD_DEBUG completions

Bart wrote:
> On Jun 29,  8:11am, Clint Adams wrote:
> } Get that feature into GNU binutils and we have a deal.
> The zsh build system will still have to know how to deal with the lack
> of that option ... and apparently also know how to deal with having a
> compiler that appears to implement it but ignores it.
Not for a Debian package specific change it wouldn't.

-z ignore appears to be a linker option as opposed to being a compiler
option. I'm not sure how to detect the Sun linker given that I think
you can have gcc with the Sun linker. One option would be:
  compile a dummy .so
  compile a dummy binary linked against the .so explicitly with -z ignore
  rm the .so
  run the binary and see if you get an ld error.

It's actually now possible to get Sun studio for Linux. I just tried
compiling zsh with it. The only problem is that the compiler doesn't
handle the -rdynamic option. It is still using the GNU linker and
passing -export-dynamic instead of -rdynamic seems to do the trick.
That's line 2328 of configure.ac. What's the best way to handle that
from configure. We could check $ac_compiler_gnu but there's also the
Intel compiler to consider. Should we add a check for the Sun compiler


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