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Re: PATCH: make curses module not need wideness

On Oct 14,  1:08pm, Clint Adams wrote:
} Oops. -s outputs strings to a window. Perhaps -c and -s should be
} combined.

Please pardon that everything that follows is griping.

I'm not having much luck with this.  The doc should mention that window
zero is automatically created as the whole terminal.  Also there's no
check that the targetwin argument is really an integer; I typo'd a "q"
for a "1", got some errors about the window already existing (apparently
because non-integers are read as "0"), and ended up with a core dump:

(gdb) where
#0  doupdate () at ../../ncurses/tty/tty_update.c:873
#1  0x035d7fe9 in wrefresh (win=0x87f29c0)
    at ../../ncurses/base/lib_refresh.c:58
#2  0x00817e67 in bin_zcurses (nam=0xb7d2d460 "zcurses", args=0xbfe3eab8, 
    ops=0xbfe3eb00, func=0) at ../../../zsh-4.0/Src/Modules/curses.c:148
#3  0x080537f4 in execbuiltin (args=0xb7d2d430, bn=0x8195e0)
    at ../../zsh-4.0/Src/builtin.c:438

The doc for "zcurses -m" says "moves targetwin to new coordinates" but
really it positions the cursor within the target window, doesn't it?
Maybe better phrasing is all that's needed.

Also I none of the strings I send with "zcurses -s" show up in the
window.  A border added with "zcurses -b" will display, but that's all.
"zcurses -c" has a similar problem.

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