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Re: PATCH: make curses module not need wideness

Bart Schaefer wrote:
> I'm not having much luck with this.  The doc should mention that window
> zero is automatically created as the whole terminal.  Also there's no
> check that the targetwin argument is really an integer; I typo'd a "q"
> for a "1", got some errors about the window already existing (apparently
> because non-integers are read as "0"), and ended up with a core dump:

I think it would probably be better to let the windows have arbitrary names
and store them in a linked list, as we do for ztcp and zftp.  Presumably
there aren't going to be that many of them.  (The names can still be
numbers, obviously.)

I'm also wondering if it wouldn't be better for the window number/name
to be the first regular argument in all cases.

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