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Re: uhmm, another segmentation fault

On Thu, 29 Nov 2007 14:37:26 +0100
Andy Spiegl <zsh.Andy@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Is this the month of zsh bugs? :-)
>  lama:~>mutt ali<TAB>
>  interactive: ali[]
>  - corrections -
>  alex                             -- "Alexandra Probst" <Alexandra.Probst@xxxxxxxxx>
>  alle                             -- "KasCada alle" <alle@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>  angi                             -- "Angi Mayr" <angi@xxxxxxxxx>
>  lalo                             -- "Eduardo Carrera" <eduardocarrera2001@xxxxxxxxx
>  - original -
>  ali
> Then I pressed "c" and whooooie:
>  lama:~>mutt ali[1]    30401 segmentation fault (core dumped)  zsh

Just looked at this again.  Are you still using 4.3.4 (it always helps
to be told even if you think we should be able to guess: the default
assumption if we have to guess is that you are using the latest code in
the archive)?  If so, this is probably the bug fixed in 23807 (which
fits your symptoms exactly) and you should try either the latest code in
the archive or the imminent 4.3.5.

Otherwise, do you have --enable-zsh-debug turned on in that shell?  If
not, would you be able to try it out with that turned on?  That would
allow us to eliminate some problem with being in the wrong character
mode (multibyte vs. wide character) since this add checks at appropriate


Peter Stephenson <p.w.stephenson@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Web page now at http://homepage.ntlworld.com/p.w.stephenson/

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