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Re: run-help: Support for svn and git

On Dec 31, 12:10pm, joerg@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
} Subject: Re: run-help: Support for svn and git
} >     run-help-svn () {
} >       local cmd_args
} >       cmd_args=( ${@:#-*} )
} >       svn help $cmd_args[1]
} I'm not very familiar with zsh programming. So this question might sound
} stupid, but why do you create a new variable? Why don't you use
} ${${@:#-*}[1]} ?

No particular reason except that the above evolved from a couple of
earlier attempts that had the "getln" part in the helper instead of
in run-help.
} Is it possible to get the point where run-help was called? Maybe for
}   ssh -option <1> host cmd <2>

Not from within the run-help shell function.  For that one would need
information that's only available inside the ZLE widget.  In fact,
that's probably why nobody has bothered with improving run-help much
before:  Most people just hit TAB at those places and rely on the help
strings from the completion function to tell them what they can do.

One could replace the run-help widget itself with something that takes
the line apart with $LBUFFER and $RBUFFER and analyzes it in more
detail, and if run-help had been invented after user-defined widgets
were, it would probably never have been designed the way it is.
} > +	    if whence -w "run-help-$1" >/dev/null
} Why do you use -w, while you throw the output away.

Evolution again.  At one point I thought I cared what type of command
it was.

} > +		cmd_args=( ${${(z)cmd_args}[2,-1]} )
} > +		eval "run-help-$1 $cmd_args[@]"
} Where do you remove the part before $1, e.g. LANG=bla?

Ah, I missed that bit.  I wondered why you were doing ${full_cmd#*$1}.
Yours doesn't quite work, either; consider something like

    PATH=/opt/cvs/bin:$PATH cvs commit ...

(which admittedly is contrived, but demonstrative).

} Why do you have to use eval? Doesn't run-help-$1 work?

Aliases would not be expanded without the eval, and I wanted one to
be able to do e.g.:  alias run-help-perl=perldoc

Here's a new patch.

Index: run-help
RCS file: /extra/cvsroot/zsh/zsh-4.0/Functions/Misc/run-help,v
retrieving revision 1.3
diff -c -r1.3 run-help
--- run-help	30 May 2007 03:36:56 -0000	1.3
+++ run-help	31 Dec 2007 16:13:25 -0000
@@ -85,7 +85,24 @@
 	man zshmisc
-	((! didman++)) && man $@
+	if ((! didman++))
+	then
+	    if whence "run-help-$1:t" >/dev/null
+	    then
+		local cmd_args
+		builtin getln cmd_args
+		builtin print -z "$cmd_args"
+		cmd_args=( ${(z)cmd_args} )
+		# Discard environment assignments, etc.
+		while [[ $cmd_args[1] != $1 ]]
+		do
+		    shift cmd_args
+		done
+		eval "run-help-$1:t ${(@)cmd_args[2,-1]}"
+	    else
+		man $@:t
+	    fi
+	fi
     if ((i < $#places && ! didman))


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