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Re: Vastly better HTML docs

On May 28, 2009, at 1:03 PM, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
Jesse W wrote:
I have just uploaded new docs (before seeing Peter's recent message).
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I've not got a TeX installation so haven't bothered with the PDF, ps
and dvi files.
I'll generate those formats, and send you a link to a tarball of them for uploading.

These are only at sunsite.dk/dotsrc.org. Sourceforge has changed things
around a lot and you have to jump through hoops just to ssh in and then
it can't rsync the stuff anyway (failed to connect to zsh.sunsite.dk:
No route to host (113)). If anyone wants to try, the appropriate command
is: rsync -aqz zsh.sunsite.dk::zsh /home/groups/z/zs/zsh/htdocs
Ick. Sorry (but not that surprised) to hear that. Hopefully we'll get it sorted.
Probably need to sftp it up instead.

There's one problem with the HTML docs, though -- while they now have good, transparent names, the internal anchors are still opaque numerical forms. I'll regenerate the docs locally, and see what might have happened. And I'll include the HTML in the tarball, so you can use my version if it's not working to generate it yourself.

Thanks again for uploading the new version (and thanks in advance for uploading the corrected one ;-) )

Jesse Weinstein

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